Here on judgment day we line up and we pray When the book of love opens up Are our names written in it today” - Guitarist Gabriel Moore

— Valhalla


Guitarist Gabriel Moore

Deep down inside each man has a voice that yearns to Roar like a beast from the Spirit world. Valhalla, created in one vocal take, captures the Roar of my Spirit. An out of worldly experience that artists call being in the zone. I was there but it was my spirit that wrote the song and it is a stunningly beautiful song.

 Always remember Grace pays the way...

Review for Mr.DylanMan

Guitarist Gabriel Moore’s latest effort, Mr.DylanMan, proves, yet again, his great ability to blend the best elements of his influences with his own flare. Each song on this album performs the same stylistic feat; making the listener feel nostalgic and intrigued at the same time. I dare you to listen to the opening track, “Along the Way,” without feeling as though it’s 1993 and you’re hearing some early Collective Soul put in a blender with Gabriel’s emotive vocals. The second track, “Desperate Desperation,” with its standout drums, calls to mind mid-90’s Pearl Jam. (It’s also got a super catchy chorus!). And, while we’re talking about “catchy,” let’s take some time to appreciate the groove-laden haunting single “Valhalla.” 

The album's middle tracks offer up some great lyrical storytelling atop some straight ahead rockers. For an excellent example of Gabriel’s intense Dylan-esque vocal styling, have a listen to “Slipping Away Slowly,” particularly at the 3:45 mark. Don’t be fooled by the pop vibe on “In Over My Head,” as it presents artfully layered guitars and key changes in a very ear-pleasing package. The album closing title track is 100% Gabriel: intense gravelly vocals, bluesy guitar leads and a great lyrical story. If you haven’t checked Gabriel out before, now is the time, as the production value of his latest offering provides an excellent vehicle to take in every sonic morsel.

-Steve Hall, Independent