Mad Money Mercenaries


Mad Money Mercenaries

Bryan Parks' - from Rocking Jay Shaw, Cave Swan and Ryan MacIntyre - new brainchild Mad Money Mercenaries are a crew of musicians that fill in band ranks for independent artists who require a band. 

Mercenaries for short, for punk, for rock, for all music that is exciting. Bryan's Mercenaries work alongside Side Hill Studios, giving him and the other Mercenaries a unique environment that allows the Mercenaries rehearsal space, Producers and Engineers, as well as a stocked studio with famed independent Producer Shane Hillman. 

Bryan Parks and his Mercenaries are always prepared for a live show as a headliner or a backing band.


From Guitarist Gabriel Moore: "You Pick On Me song came up in a jam with the Mad Money Mercenaries and I tried to capture the energy when I recorded it on the album Mr.DylanMan. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with these guys."

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